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We measured the Rossiter–McLaughlin effect of WASP-107b during a single transit with Keck/HIRES. We found the sky-projected inclination …

The detection of the Fermi Bubbles suggests that spiral galaxies such as the Milky Way can undergo active periods. Using gamma-ray …

Compact binary systems can provide us with unique information on astroparticle acceleration and cosmic ray production. However, only …

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Here are some questions to consider on your graduate school visits to help you evaluate the program.


Senior Thesis

Using machine learning to classify galaxy spectra as containing a type Ia supernova or not.

RR Lyrae stars in M15

Observations of variable stars in the globular cluster M15 to measure its distance.

Gravitational Waves

I derive the equations describing gravitational waves and apply them to a binary black hole system.

N-Pendulum Dynamics

I derive the equations of motion for the “n-pendulum” and explore the “hanging rope limit.”


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